Why Make The Compassionate Choice?

Kate brings her extensive experience to help your family. Her professional, kind, and patient assistance while creating a unique plan of care for your loved one means that:


Your family has less stress about the care being provided because you know what to expect.

Dedicated Expertise

You are working with a dedicated elder care expert who answers your questions and provides quality information for your decision making.

Peace of Mind

You are comforted knowing that Kate wants the best for you and your loved one and recommends only the best resources.

100% Working For You

A certified geriatric care manager is making unbiased recommendations and receives no payments for referrals, she is 100% working for you and your family.

Navigating Complex Systems

Your navigation through the complex medical system becomes easier to manage as she shares her expertise and provides guidance.

Streamlining Services

Costs are contained by streamlining services, avoiding readmission to the hospital, and basing recommendations on your unique needs.

Open Communication

You will always know what is happening because Kate is focused on communicating with everyone involved, sharing information from physicians, and other service providers.